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"The world as we know it is changing, and it is time we all remembered our mastery, our divinity, and our true nature. This is the secret to restoring peace, harmony and love on this planet, and within ourselves." - Selena Moon

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Get the Specialized Attention You Need
through Personalized Coaching & Healing

Get heard, share your stories, your beliefs and your experiences with Selena while she identifies your root blocks and helps you to shift into new patterns that promise a better life experience. Selena holds a container for unconditional love as you evolve from one version of you into the next through her online sessions. Click here to fill out a questionnaire if you are interested in coaching with Selena

If you are interested in joining a group coaching program on learning how to form a better relationship with yourself through a journaling course - please contact us and tell us more about your journaling history and what aspects of yourself you want to connect with on a deeper level. 

"Selena is an accomplished healer whose intuitive insight helped to lift me out of a subtle but deep depression.  Her refreshing and light attitude is very joyful to work with. Her connection
to the divine is palpable and real." 

- Ellie , Lake Tahoe

 "Selena Moon is a wonderful, wise and knowledgeable teacher. She is open and loving in her approach with her students, gently guiding them through growth and transformation."

- Jude Conn

Prepare for Life Changes

- Free yourself from toxic relationships
- Re-frame your thoughts to manifest your desires
- Find a career that fulfills you 
- Live a life on purpose where you thrive
- Release unhealthy patterns and addictions
- Take action towards your true goals
- Deepen your spiritual connection
- Learn to embrace and channel your emotions
- Learn how to embody a more balanced state of mind
- Embrace love and live joyfully through your heart
- Experience gratitude more often 
- Live abundantly on your own terms
- Recognize your worthiness and know what you deserve
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